The Heart Way by Julie Alonso

I was invited into Julie Alonso's amazing studio in Northern California, to shoot this piece. We wanted a relaxed, playful feel to the images, so our models were encouraged to explore and create whatever they wanted. They also got to dig into Julie's amazing closet.  Capturing the studio's essence was also important. It is such a creative, inspirational space, and every little inch has been graced by Julie.



Rose Water

When my client came to me with this product, I was excited to work together. This is the most amazing rose water I have ever experienced, and I wanted a peek in on the magic. Her brand is clean, simple and fresh, made with pure ingredients by hand. She makes the rose water out of her home and uses some non traditional methods when making it, including cutting the buds off of the plant with crystals, instead of clippers and only using roses from certain plants in her yard. She needed a combination of studio product shots and shots of the process of making the rose water for her website and digital advertising campaigns.


UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Foundation

UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital Foundation was doing a story on one of their patients and they needed a series of environmental portraits to support the story. Their patient, against all odds, has won multiple medals in swimming all over the world. Most recently, she won the Gold in Breast Stroke in Spain in the Transplant Olympics. Not only was I looking forward to meeting this amazing young girl, I was looking forward to getting wet. We had so much fun shooting a variety of portraits, but she was most comfortable the water. Despite all the challenges she has been faced with in her 14 years, she's truly found her happy place in the pool and it was my honor to capture this young spirit in her element. 


Amy Nordstrom

Working with Amy Nordstrom is always inspirational. Each piece is made by hand, and therefore, completely unique. She has a clear vision of her brand and her website has a distinct style. When photographing her new collections, the images need to be fresh, yet consistent with her existing images. With each new collection, comes new inspiration and new concepts. We collaborate on the location, the model, the make up and the wardrobe, to support our concept for the new pieces. All the images are finished in a warm black and white tone.



The founder of Yogalo came to me with a clear vision of how she wanted to shoot her new products for the website's launch. She wanted to be above the city, with a nice urban view as a backdrop. We scheduled a half a day of scouting to search for the perfect location. Having lived locally for almost 20 years, I know how unpredictable the weather can be, so we planned on finding a few different options, just in case. Its a good thing we did, because when the day to shoot finally arrived, our first location was completely fogged in and had no city view. Thankfully, Plan B didn't disappoint.


Girls Softball

In the Spring of 2016, I followed my daughter's softball team all the way to the championships. With a dynamic team of girls,  hard work and lots of cheering, they surprised the whole league by taking the title.  Being relatively new to the sport, I was so impressed with the girls' enthusiam for the game and their fellow teammates, that I had to capture it. I set out to photograph each girl throughout the season and compiled a collection at the end of the season for every player. These are just a few of the images from that season.